I always think that this is perhaps the part that many folks simply breeze over as they glance at a website. But with most companies and their clients the whole purpose of this field is to give a "mission statement" and establish some credibility.
  The knowing and bragging stage. This is an old Viking art form so of course I am hardly one to pass it by. But let's drop the pretention.
  I am an artist. Some people like my work while others don't care for it. Some say I am a fair artist. Some folks even consider me to be a master artist. They base this on my work and my wide range of artistic interest and media skills. But to me it's just artwork. I love art and am passionate about the work that I do. I always hope to touch folks with my artwork.
  I always wish for people to see it and like it, not as a kudo to me, but rather for the sake of enjoying something that is a strong part of me. I am so inspired by the world around me and I want others to look and be inspired.
  I am so very grateful for the many people who have taken the time to share their art and skills and knowledge with me. When you see my artwork you are not just seeing a small window into my creativity and my spirit, rather you see the effort and energy and spirit of the large number of men and women who have touched me and helped me to grow in a very real sense.
  So about the company. The Amazing Art of Erik Brush has it's roots in my first company Creator Arts which was established in 1989. Due to a perception of arrogance on my part with regard to my motto I changed the name later and in 1990 AAE ( The Amazing Art of Erik ) was born.
  So who am I? I am Erik Brush. I was born in the US but raised after two months old in Europe. After I graduated High School in Berlin Germany, I returned to the US and served a single hitch in the US Navy as a Submariner.
  The military was no place for a free spirit and after my Naval time was up I began to wander a bit. I lived in New Mexico and Texas during some of the eighties, working and playing bass guitar in heavy metal bands. But always my artwork has dominated my interests and even during the "metal years" I spent time doing all sorts of art projects from tattoo flash art to pen and ink work to sketching.
  I lived in Utah for a thankfully short time. As you may have guessed it was not my favorite place although I met some wonderful folks out there as well.
  After Utah I made my exodus to Las Vegas where I lived and worked for almost thirteen years. I have done stained glass and etched glass out there as well as learned to frame, cut mats, and a number of other fun skills. It was in Vegas that I began airbrushing in earnest and did a few cars and trucks out there.
  But my colour pencil art was widespread and I gained a lot of notoriety back then for that media. Eventually I joined a medival recreation group and wound up founding a large Viking and Celtic encampment. There I hand made everything from wood carved tent frames and furniture to making looms, sewing and doing needle work, ceramics and pottery, forging armor and weapons as well as making chain mail. In time I made a small viking fishing boat and in general learned a great variety of crafts including beading and jewelry making and metal casting. I worked with leather a great deal both in making items such as shoes, boots, belts and scabbards, to leather tooling and pyrographic work.
  It was this time period which contributed to a renewal of my interest in pyrographic art when I eventually moved to Florida. Why Florida? Well it's like Denmark only pointed south and a bit more tropical. What better place for an artist right? Warmth, sunshine, the ocean, wildlife, palm trees,... perfect. Pyrography and jewelry making have been a fun mainstay for a while now and my art has gotten around. From Korea and Germany and Australia, to the States I have been able to share my creations with a number of customers and friends. I treat my customers the same whether you are Edward James Olmos, or Chris Browne, or someone a bit less known like you and I. Quality is important to me and I take pride in doing the best work that I can for any and all of my clients!
  Commissions are welcome and of course I do these in the order that they are received. I will ship worldwide and of course language is not a huge barrier either. I speak German, Danish, English, Spanish, Swedish, and a smattering of Russian.  I hope you will enjoy the art and pieces as much as I do, and I value everyone for their patronage and interest. Thanks for having a look, enjoy the site!

Whether it's something you will treasure for youself or share with someone else there's always something fun happening here and a variety of pieces to please anyone and everyone.

  It's easy to shop for art or jewelry.

  It's easy to commission something special for someone special.

  All pieces are one of a kind originals excepting for Lithographs. You are the solo owner!.
Text soon available in Chinese
Below are some views of the new studio. Of course we are still setting up shop due to a recent move to this new location, but production is in full swing and the studio is able to produce a wide variety of artwork and art products. It's been a fun and exciting change.
Whether it's airbrush work, or beading, or pyrography or colour pencil art, there is no limit to what can be made.
A guest cameo of Pepper the parrot. We use him to deal with annoying phone solicitors. He squawks louder than they do!
Funny thing,... since we added our complaint department, customer satisfaction has been at an all time high!
This is a small view of part of our computer center. These days it is amazing what the merging of technology and craftsmanship can do for the arts.
I have always loved the arts and from the earliest days that I can remember I was drawing or colouring or painting. I started out with crayons like most kids, but it never ended for me. I did not just want to colour in books. I would draw on any paper I could get my hands on. To this day the old record jackets of my father's Beatles Albums all have kangaroos and other critters sketched on them from age 2 - 3 years old. While the sleeves are long gone, they were the starting point for my interest in arts and crafts.
  I remember taking every art course and elective in school that I could get. I was offered art electives and classes from the fifth grade on, and I never did a year of school where art was not a strong part of it.
  I took everything from basic and advanced art classes to art appreciation where we studied styles and media, and of course an art history course where I learned about art and it's evolution from the stone age to modern art, and all the masters over the centuries.
  Art education and history had a strong affect on me and I always encourage parents if you have kids who are interested or gifted to do your part in supporting your children's love of art and their growth and education in the various media.
  My own parents never gave me a lot of encouragement or support and I learned what I did and took advantage of what I could through a sheer stubborn drive to ensure that I could discover and take in everything that was out there. Now this is not a "poor little Erik" story, but rather meant as a reflection that allows me to focus on encouraging others to support their children and the art interests that they show. With your help who knows what fantastic things they can create?  - Erik -
Support the arts in your children..
Doing wildlife art opened the door to the world of Marine Conservation work, becoming a biologist, shark advocate, nature guide, and author. There are few things more rewarding than working with wildlife.
The planet belongs to all of us.  Conservation needs to be a key concern if we are to leave future generations with a healthy natural legacy.